Cost Analysis/ Cost Management

We bring transparency into your product- and process costs. Thanks to our broad knowledge of manufacturing technologies, manufacturing processes and our experience in various industries, we are able to accurately deduce the production costs of your product or processes. Thus, we are able to develop targeted optimization measures to make them more successful.


You have purchased a product from your competitors and would like to know what production costs your competitors have? We compare your products with those of the competition. The calculation is partly possible without an indication. Deliver the product and give us the boundary conditions to market and sales volume, we do the rest.

Purchasing Negotiations

You are preparing a purchasing negotiation and want to make a Cost Break Down with detailed information on material-, wage- and hidden costs? No problem. Whether electrical products, casting, welding parts, turning and milling parts, direct or indirect purchasing, we prepare your Cost Break Down.

Project Controlling

Do you need an update of your project controlling? We look at what you have in use and complete your cost and project controlling in the required places.

Cost Management

Each company is different and requires individual cost management. Companies with a focus on series products need different systems than the plant manufacturer with individual production. We are happy to bring our experience to you.