Value Analysis/ Value Management

We are Value Management Experts, , complex tasks in a wide range of industries are our expertise. We use the holistic action system with its cornerstones method, management and behavior.

Up to 50% increase in value (less effort, more use) are possible.

The focus is on the changed view of the product or process, because not the product as such, but its effect is in the foreground.

The hallmarks of value analysis are the thinking in functions, the structured approach and the interdisciplinary teamwork.

We guide you through the project in six steps:

1. Prepare Project
2. Current State Analysis
3. Target State Description
4. Ideas Collection
5. Concept Development
6. Realization

You will find that this approach is too human and that we are constantly dealing with these six steps in our daily lives. This is just one of the reasons why the procedure is so successful.

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